About Us

Thimbleberry Magazine is a publication devoted to arts and culture in Northern BC.

The berry, Rubus parviflorus, typically grows along roadsides, railroad tracks, and in clearings, often appearing as an early adaptable re-growth species in clear cut and forest fire areas. The ‘thimble’ part of the name of course refers to a small tool used in sewing, usually made of metal. Part of Northern BC’s legacy is one of industry; the ways in which cities and technology meet the natural world, physically and symbolically, creates the context for cultural work. One could argue Northern BC art is too focused on nature and the environment; Thimbleberry will balance work that pays attention to ecology with work that has a more global scope–work that is not engaged with trees, animals, or plants, but more with universal ideas, media, and social issues.

Thimbleberry Magazine celebrates Northern BC art and culture, including fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, visual art, and cultural commentary. It will publish original creative work and feature regular columnists who will document the cultural life of Northern BC.

Supported by UNBC, it will mirror that institution’s commitment to serving all of Northern BC’s regions, reflecting the cultural life of the place, whether it be urban or rural, mountain or coast, settler or indigenous, celebrating its energy and angst.

Our regular columnists will include: Andrew Kurjata, Gillian Wigmore, Jennifer Annaïs Pighin, and Greg Lainsbury.

Managing Editors:

Rob Budde teaches creative writing at the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George. He has published eight books (poetry, novels, interviews, and short fiction) and appeared in numerous literary magazines. His most recent books are declining america and Dreamland Theatre.

Kara-lee MacDonald is an MA graduate from UNBC. She currently teaches first-year English at Northern Lights College. Her debut book of poetry, Eating Matters, was published with Caitlin Press in October 2016.

Visual Art Editor:

George Harris is the Curator and Artistic Director of Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George BC.

Thimbleberry is generously supported by UNBC and an anonymous BC-based private foundation.